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Getting your customer journey right with accelerated operational maturity helps you grow your business!

What does STAAJ Solutions do?
  • We help companies grow! 
  • Our teams come from some of the largest companies in the world.
  • We understand how to connect with customers and how to run operations to scale.
    • We do this with affordable, ready-to-use solutions. Or we can discuss custom engagements that bring our full leadership and staff capabilities to your organization; immersed in your business.
Where do you recommend companies begin?
  • We recommend companies showcase their understanding of their customer and the customer experience.
  • Our STAAJ Lite solution is tailor-made for this initial engagement.
    • This solution boosts capacity to handle leads and develops exceptional teamwork, collaboration, and customer service needed to increase that CSAT (Customer Satisfaction Score), leading to higher retention rates, a critical score to business owners and future stakeholders.
    • However, our first order of business is always to perform Critical Assessments, to gain a better understanding of where a company is today, then recommend the best solutions for major impact to your top and bottom lines.
What kind of software solutions do you offer?
  • We offer ready-to-use solutions for both Customer Journey Excellence and Lean Operations using a mix of today's leading cloud applications.
    • They are configured for seamless integration, with proven workflows ready for your business to use upon delivery. 
  • We also offer expanded services, using additional software platforms.
How long does it take to implement your solutions for my business?
  • We offer a 30-day plan (STAAJ Lite) to start your company moving towards ‘Customer Journey Excellence’.
  • We also offer STAAJ Pro (includes Lite) to be implemented within the same 30 days adding ‘Lean-Ops’, accelerated operational maturity to the overall solution.
  • In both programs (Lite and Pro), we not only implement the software solution, but we also train your team on best practices in order to hit the ground running.
    • Based on your business needs, we can speed up or slow down our onboarding timelines.
How much does it cost to get your solutions implemented?
  • Our turn-key solutions are designed for leaner startups and early-stage companies that need to attain strong operational maturity, and higher customer engagement, fast.
  • We recognize the financial constraints of younger organizations.
    • Our packages are designed to be SMB cost friendly. Fitting nearly any budget.
    • We do not list our prices because we understand that each business has unique challenges and may want additional customizations.
    • That said, our Core Solutions that deliver the fundamentals of business are cornerstone applications for all companies looking to grow with confidence.
    • Costs eventually become even lower, within most smaller companies’ budgets.
Can you customize existing solutions outside of your core application offerings?
  • The short answer is yes, we can certainly review your current solution and determine enhancements.
  • We do prefer to install a solution that's been proven to work in specific use cases.
  • With our turn-key solutions, we can get your company working well together quickly.
  • As we consult with you on your unique situation, we keep options open for making changes that will lead to the targeted results you are looking for.
What makes STAAJ Solutions different than other software solution partners?
  • Our leadership and staff bring decades of experience from within many of the largest global corporations.
  • Our track record of delivering proven solutions that establish Growth-Based Lean-Operations, excellent Team Collaboration, and enhanced Customer Experiences, demonstrates our ability to improve 1. Sales Metrics, 2. Service Delivery KPIs, and 3. Retention Rates.
  • The key benefit that makes us stand out from the rest is how we handle our clients.
    • We bring our team to the table to reinforce our solutions with deep industry expertise.
    • We're not just about ‘selling a solution’. We're about helping your business any way we can.
Can you integrate your software solutions with other 3rd party applications?
  • Yes, however this would be considered custom work which we can scope for completion in our Assessment phase.
Do you have experience in specific industries or niche markets?
  • Our leadership has been inside some of the largest corporations from around the globe, as well as some of the smallest companies, in many different industries and markets.
  • Review our ‘Case Studies’ section as well as our ‘Team Bios’ for past companies and experience.
  • Set up a Free Consultation / Assessment so we can learn more about your business, and the areas we can help you in.
  • There are fundamentals of business that translate across all industries; however, there's nothing better than that special touch by having experts with a depth of experience in your industry.
What type of training do you offer for your solutions?
  • The strongest value of our services, beyond the software solutions implemented, is the expert training that's provided to your team.
  • The power of a team working together with clarity, proper communication, and cadence, will inevitably deliver incredible results.
  • Notably, when trained and guided by a team of ‘seasoned professional’ coaching experts in your company's marketplace, this will deliver key insights on how to leverage tools within a business strategy that delivers the strongest results. 
Do you provide ongoing support options?
  • Yes, as part of our turn-key solutions we offer monthly reviews (see our Service Overview page) for more details. 
  • We also offer annual support as part of our Enterprise and Custom plans. 
  • We can provide additional support including business strategies within sales, marketing, technology, and operations, and also introduce contacts from within our vast business network.  If your company needs capacity, we can immerse ourselves within your company to help drive growth through business development, sales & marketing programs, SEO & social media management, and critical infrastructure management.

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