STAAJ Solutions
Scaling your business is hard. We're here to help.

Stage 3 (STAAJ Enterprise) 
Monthly Team Performance & Growth Support

The challenge many early-stage ventures face is limited resources to bring on first-class leadership to assist in driving operations and team development. Engage in our Annual Program and bring our Fortune 100 experience to the table to drive growth efforts. 

All the benefits of STAAJ Lite's Customer Journey Excellence plus STAAJ Pro's end-to-end operations with metrics dashboards, now POWERED BY monthly & annual oversight by performance experts! 

Bring us to your table!

Allow our team to review your performance metrics each month and offer solutions and assistance in driving KPIs and OKRs with team training and strategic planning used by some of the worlds most successful firms.

STAAJ ENTERPRISE is an annual plan with the benefits of both STAAJ Lite & STAAJ Pro, with added services including additional strategic planning, KPI governance, monthly business and service reviews.

Our staff is experienced in leading teams for multi-billion dollar corporations towards consistent success. 

With success comes the painful realization that everything and everyone gets spread "too thin". Operating costs increase, delays in payments from customers have severe impact, employees may feel overworked, issues in the hiring process could slow growth, and the retention of "key" employees becomes challenging...

We understand these challenges and assists with the utmost integrity and affordability.

Monthly KPI Reviews

Our experienced team reviews sales and operational KPIs with your team to ensure best practices are followed. We offer guidance on improving all metrics!

Team Coaching

Allow our seasoned project managers to train your internal teams on how to use the platforms and tools for cohesive collaboration and success!

Business Strategies

Our experienced leadership team will assist in adjusting business strategies to take advantage of changing markets and drive competitive advantages.

Theoretically, as we're taught in school, 99% of startups will fail. Mostly due to lack of operational maturity and team experience. 

We KNOW what success looks like, and it's a vastly different picture than most will imagine. 

Let us help you reduce risk and DRIVE GROWTH together!

Our company established to offset the heavy lift of a customer journey while helping businesses harness new customers and their inevitable growth deliverables. 

We're ready to help you, ask us about our client experiences!