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Stage 2 (STAAJ Pro) 
End-To-End Lean Operations 
Accelerated Operational Maturity

By investing in the right people, processes, and technology, a company can accelerate operational maturity and support long-term sales success.

All the benefits of STAAJ Lite's customer journey excellence plus full end-to-end operations with metrics dashboards displaying real-time performance statistics and valuable business insights.

How do you manage your operations?

Reach operational maturity quickly with the STAAJ PRO solution. Implement customer journey excellence PLUS accelerated lean operations within 60 days!

Wouldn't it be nice to have a low-cost system that offered visibility into operations, and a well-trained team to hit the ground running?

A SaaS infrastructure can save a company significant amounts of money in operational waste by automating manual processes and providing a centralized platform for collaboration and communication. 

Why does accelerated operational maturity matter?


CRO - VP of Sales

CRO - VP of Sales Perspective

    • Improved sales effectiveness: Accelerating operational maturity can help streamline sales processes and improve sales effectiveness. This leads to closing more deals and achieving sales objectives.
    • Increased sales productivity: An optimized operational structure will increase sales productivity by eliminating inefficiencies and reducing administrative tasks. This frees up more time for the sales team to focus on selling and generating revenue.
    • Improved customer experience: A well-designed operational structure will provide an exceptional customer journey by streamlining processes and creating a seamless experience for customers. This attracts new customers and retain existing ones.
    • Better data-driven decision-making: An optimized operational structure provides data and insights into sales performance and customer behavior. This leads to informed decisions and enhanced adjustments to sales strategies driving success.
    • Competitive advantage: Accelerated operational maturity will differentiate the company from competitors and provide a competitive advantage in the marketplace. This leads to enhanced brand appeal, winning more business! 

Accelerating operational maturity improves sales effectiveness and productivity. It provides an exceptional customer experience, enabling enhanced data-driven decision-making, providing a competitive advantage!

Give time back to your teams!


CTO - COO Perspective

    • Improved efficiency: Accelerating operational maturity can help improve efficiency by streamlining processes, automating tasks, and eliminating redundancies. This reduces operational expenses by minimizing waste and maximizing resources.
    • Increased productivity: An optimized operational structure increases productivity by enabling employees to work more efficiently and effectively. This allows the CTO / COO to achieve objectives with fewer resources, reducing operational expenses.
    • Better resource allocation: An optimized operational structure better allocates resources by identifying areas where resources can be consolidated or eliminated. This reduces operational expenses and improves overall performance.
    • Improved risk management: An optimized operational structure better manages risk by identifying potential vulnerabilities and implementing safeguards. This reduces the risk of costly operational disruptions and/or security breaches.
    • Competitive advantage: An accelerated operational maturity differentiates the company from competitors and provides a competitive advantage in the marketplace. This helps reduce operational expenses by optimizing resource allocation and improving overall performance.

​Accelerating operational maturity is important to a CTO/COO, because it improves efficiency and productivity, enables better resource allocation and risk management. 
Give time back to your teams!

The cost and time of implementing end-to-end operations for companies vary widely depending on many business factors, let us take this challenge off your hands and give you peace of mind!

Do you monitor your KPIs to drive growth and operations? 

We love data and insights!

Costs of implementing end-to-end operations for companies range in the thousands to several hundred thousand dollars or more. We have streamlined this process after years of crafting and testing the right solution within major organizations.

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