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Save The Date - May 24th - 11AM PST
A MedTech Journey - From Product to Patient 

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We'll show you how STAAJ Solutions can help with several MedTech challenges:

Technical Know-How for Compliance Delivery

Handling Investors / Stakeholder / Board Pressure

Limited and Exhausted Resources - Employee Burnout

End-To-End Visibility into Progress

Alignment on Goals and Priorities

Project Deliveries Late and Over Budget

Inconsistent Client Connections

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Keynote Guest:
Sam Spampinato - STAAJ Solutions President

Event Agenda:

Topic I - Introduction Discussion: A MedTech Journey - From Product to Patient 
​Speaker (Sam Spampinato)

​Topic II - Scoping the MedTech Scene: Savvy Moves for Trailblazing Health Innovations 
Speaker ​(Doug Fidellow - Head of Revenue at STAAJ Solutions)

​Topic III - Unlocking the MedTech Matrix: Turning the Gameboard into Winning Strategies 
​Speaker (John Robinson - Head of Strategy at STAAJ Solutions)

Ask Us Anything session​

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